Maelstrom Boots - Frequently Asked Questions

True to Size?

Yes, most of our tactical boots run true to size. If you feel as if your boot does not fit as expected, feel free to request a FREE exchange.

How Durable Are These Boots?

Yes, Maelstrom Tactical Boots and Apparel are very durable. Not to mention we stand by all of our products with a one year warranty.

Safe For Metal Detectors?

The Maelstrom Patrol P1360Z WP CT is the only boot, which is airport / metal detector friendly.


Most of Maelstrom's Tactical Boots are polish-able, specifically any of our black leather boots. Tan and Coyote Brown boots are made with high quality suede and can only be cleaned not polished.

Composite Toe?

Only the Patrol P1360Z WP CT comes with a composite toe.


Yes, simply request a return/exchange by selecting return/exchange on the order in question in the my orders page in your account.

We are still working on this and we promise you we'll have it complete as soon as possible.